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Welcome to Pescaturisme
Welcome to the web site that the OrganizaciĆ³n de Armadores de Pesca de CataluƱa (OAPC) has developed, within the framework of a community initiative concerning the restructuring of the fisheries sector, in order to introduce and promote the fishing tourism activity

This web page has been divided into the (two) following areas:

In this section you will find information about the project developed by OAPC in collaboration with other participant entities through experimental outings, as well as many other information of your interest related to this activity.

In this section you will know the activities to be carried out in a fishing tourism journey, the sea species that you will be able to admire, the succulent food that you will taste and the type of vessels where the activity will be developed with.

We hope that you enjoy the navigation on this site and we don't want to say goodbye without inviting you to send us your opinions, suggestions, proposals or comments to the following email address:
Nota legal OAPC Organització d'Armadors de Pesca de Catalunya